Les Saintes

On the 21th of January we left Dominiqua and headed towards les Saintes. Les Saintes are islands that belong to Guadeloupe and Guadeloupe there again belongs to France. As we arrived in les Saintes, we thought we would have trouble finding a mooring buoy, but our friend from the boat Sirena had arrived a few hours earlier and had found a spot quite near to the shore for us. We were happy that we had found a place and that it was close to the shore, as our dinghy is not very reliable and has sunken before plus we have a not so trustworthy dinghy-engine. We drove to shore, but of course our engine didn’t even manage that short trip to shore and stopped when we were about 50 meters away from shore. Andrin and I started rowing to shore while mami and papi were trying to get it to work again. We arrived on shore and moored our dinghy on to the dinghy peer and started to explore the island a bit. We walked past loads of shops and restaurants and finally found the marina office. Papi checked us in while we waited outside. After checking in we decided we needed to do some provisioning. We tried to go looking for a decent supermarket but didn’t really find one with a very big option, so at the end we just went with a small one and had to chance our food plans, because we couldn’t find everything we needed. Luckily, we were used to that by then. We when shopping and decided to go to a café for a drink and because we needed internet. After that we went back to the boat and had dinner. 

On the next day we decided to go and explore a bit more and went to a castle where we wanted to go on the previous day, but then it started raining, so we didn’t. We walked up to the top and it was quite far and very hot. We arrived at the top and payed for the entrance fee. We walked around, watched some videos about underwater life and there were some miniature boats showing what happened when France and the UK were fighting about the Caribbean islands. I bought another turtle for my collection and then we went back home. Our friend from the boat Walter arrived and we went swimming and snorkeling for a while. In the evening we went to eat in a restaurant, because we hadn’t done it in a while so we thought we had earned it. On the next day we did some more swimming with our friends and on the 24th we left and did a short trip to a small bay in Guadeloupe. We didn’t expect a lot of adventure, since we arrived late in the evening, and were planning to leave early in the morning. But when we arrived we were followed by a group of pilate whales and we saw a pelican and loads of turtles. It was amazing to watch the pilate whales jumping around while the sun was going down. The next morning we set sail towards Angtigua.

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