The Grenadines

As we arrived in Bequia we saw loads of boats, which we had met before and knew. We had to pull up the anchor several times before it held. Later Mami and Papi went to check in and Andrin and I stayed on the boat to play with the Swedish boat Bounty with two kids called Tilde and Anton. We had met them in Las Palmas and had a lot of fun with them. In Bequia we kids made different smoothies with banana, Frozen strawberries, apples and pears. The first two smoothies were nice, but the rest were not so nice. Sadly Tilde and Anton would only stay one day and then moved on. 

On the next day we went to land and walked around a bit. There were a lot of dogs, but they didn’t even look at us. We went to a little restaurant called Fig Tree and had some nice food there. We found out that there was a woman there and every Saturday she has a book club for kids every Saturday. She also leads the VHF call on channel 68 every morning at nine o’clock. We also got informed that people could donate books for the book club.

As we had breakfast the next day Andrin jumped up and shouted: “Danú!” Danú is a boat with two kids that we met in Madeira. We didn’t believe him at first, as they said they would go to French Guinea and Surinam. But then we saw them too and all jumped up and waved. Later we went to say hello and we spoke to them for a bit. We had dinner with them at a pizza restaurant and there we also met Ella and Caro from the boat Walter and Johannes and William from Oktant. We had to wait for a long time for the pizzas, because the pizza oven didn’t work, but at the end we got the pizzas and it was worth waiting. 

In Bequia we went to the beach every morning with the Walter, Oktant and Danú crew to do some sports. We did a lot of school and played a lot.

In Bequia we also celebrated New Year with Danú, Ruffen, Magicus, Walter, Oktant, Loustic, San and Terne. We were at a local person who called himself Lennox the Lion. We had a great evening and everyone had brought some food, Lennox did some lobsters and so we had more than enough.  At ten o’clock we all went to our boats and waited until the fireworks came at midnight. The next day we left Bequia and headed towards Moustique.


In Moustique we were nearly the only people and it was nice, because we had been with friends all the time in Bequia and we all needed a break. We couldn’t do a lot, since most the island was blocked, because Boris Johnssson and some other famous people were there. Moustique is a rich island where famous and rich people come for holidays if they want some peace and quiet. You are also not allowed to take any pictures of famous people. We found a food store where you would find stuff from all over the world, but it was very expensive so we didn’t buy anything. There was one restaurant by the beach and it was called Basil’s bar. In Moustique we took it easy, went for a run in the morning, looked for nice, massive shells, watched turtles, snorkeled. We met some Swiss people on a boat called Anja and chatted a bit to them. Then we went on to Tobago cays.  

In Tobago cays we had some problems with anchoring. Since the bottom was only sand and nothing else it was hard for the anchor to dig itself in to the ground, so we had to let loads of anchor chain out to make it hold. As soon as we had let the anchor out and had let it settle, a man, who called himself Mr. Mandyman, came by and asked us if we wanted to have a barbecue on the beach. We considered it, but then decided to not do it. Only a few minutes later another man came by and he called himself Mr. Quality. He had all sorts of stuff, like T-shirts, bread for the morning and croissants. I bought a t-shirt where it says “Sail more” on the front and on the back it says “work less”. Andrin got a free chocolate croissant and we ordered two croissants and a baguette for breakfast. Later we went to a beach and we had the whole beach to ourselves, except for that we had to share it with some iguanas. There was a big reef there and we went snorkeling for a bit. When we came back on the boat everyone was hungry and we had some dinner. On the next day we went swimming again and then we went to a turtle beach and swam with turtles. Then we went up a little hill and there we found a man that was holding a tortoise and Andrin and I both held it, too. It was a red foot tortoise and it was quite heavy. It stayed in its shell all the time, but we could see his nose and paws. We went back to the boat and ate some food. We knew that there was some bad weather coming, so we wanted to find some good shelter. So we decided to continue the next day. We went to Union Island and moored there. There was a man there helping us and he was not friendly at all. There was another boat coming in right after us and he wanted to go to them as well. He shouted at us and asked us if we had never moored before. He was very rude, so we didn’t want him to drive us in to town. We called a different water taxi and he was really friendly. It turned out that he was also called Richard. We had the handheld VHF with us and told him that we would call him when we wanted to go back. We had some nice breakfast and then walked around in town. We checked in and I also bought a turtle for my turtle collection and two nice bracelets. As we wanted to go back we found out that our VHF didn’t have any battery so we had to go and find Richard. We didn’t find him, so we went to an office and called him with their VHF, but he didn’t answer. At last we found him coming out of his house, he had just had a break. We went back and there we saw that the two Swedish boats Bounty and Paloma were next to us. We played with them and then all kids and all parents went to a place called the Happy Bar on  a little island and had a drink there. Later we all went to a restaurant and had some food there. We had a great time and were all very happy. Went we came back, it was dark and we all went to bed. The next day we set sail to Saint Lucia, Rodney bay to find some shelter while there was bad weather.

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