Lisbon to Madeira

The trip from Lisbon to Madeira took 4 days and some hours. It was the longest trip so far, and I liked it a lot and did not want the sail to end. The wind was great and we could sail most of the trip. The wind came from the back, which means that we could do downwind sailing. That makes the movement of the boat very nice. 

Here is a list of things we did during the trip: 

·    I baked Kladdkaka one the first day and Cookies during the last night shift (they were a bit burned)

·    listened to music

·    we saw loads of Dolphins and sat at the bow and watched them for hours. We also named some of the dolphins: one group we called the minions as they had a small one with them. This one we called mini.

·    When the dolphins were not there, Andrin and I tried to talk to the dolphins to attract them 

·    Nightwatches (1x Andrin and I together, 1x alone for 1 hour, 2x with Mami)

·    Colouring 

·    Listen to audiobook of Laura Dekker

·    Ate lasagne, soup,  muesli, etc. 

·    Baked bread

·    Slept

·    Had a lot of happy time with family

·    Shouted “Land ahoi”

·    Watched sunset

·    Built a big den with Andrin in the living room

·    Helped to set sails

·    School

·    Watching the sea and watch out for other boats

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