Lysekil to Malmön Bohuslän

Today the weather was a lot better and we could leave the marina. We knew that we would only do a short trip but we weren´t quite sure if we would go to an anchorage or to a marina. As Mami and Papi couldn´t decide, they asked me and I chose the marina. Andrin was in his room reading “Pax” during the whole trip and Mami made Safran risotto. We arrived in Malmön. We were again lucky to get a good spot and moored long-side. 

After the arrival the rest of the family went to explore the island while I stayed on the boat and read. When they came back they told me that they had run into a school friend of Mami´s with her family. Soon Doris, Anders, Eskil (11 years) and Filippa (9 years) came to the boat and invited us for a BBQ at their holiday home. Right behind their garden was a big climbing rock and we kids were climbing there and playing hide and seek. After food we went down to Pärlan (a very nice beach) to do crab fishing, we got about five crabs and at the end we did a crab race which went better than expected, we still had to help them to find their way and at the end the smallest crab won.

The next morning we met again with our friends and went to play crazy golf. It was the best crazy golf we had ever seen, and even though it started to rain, it was still a lot of fun. At the end each person got a token and we could try and win a lolli pop or a soft ice. None of us was lucky. When we came back Papi told us that he didn´t feel well and had a bit of fever. As we wanted to set off for an over-night sail, my parents decided to wait for another day as it´s difficult if one person is ill. We met with Eskil and Filippa again to go crabbing. First we went to the fish shop to ask for “fiskrens” (fish waste) to put on the crabbing lines. We caught 50 crabs and let them out again and went to a different place. There we also caught more than 50 crabs and released them at the end. It was so much fun.  

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