First day on our boat and trip to Lysekil

We unpacked our suitcases and got everything ready and then we decided to go to Lysekil.  We left and after about five minutes Andrin took his math books out and started doing math. We then had a very nice salad. After about one and a half hours we arrived in Lysekil. First we went to pay and we were very impressed by how much the marina had improved since we were there in April. In April there were no toilettes, showers or washing machines and we had to pay double as much as this time. 

The two men went fishing (no luck) and Mami and I went to do our first big shopping. We took our big suitcase and filled it with food, but we had still only bought half of the things that we needed, so we had to go again the next day. Then we went home and unpacked all the food and then we just relaxed.


The next morning the weather was very stormy and windy. It was clear that we could not leave the marina this day. The whole family went food shopping again. Luckily coop was in walking distance to the marina and again we took our big suitcase with us as we planned to do shopping for a couple of weeks in advance. 

After spending our Swedish pocket money on books and sweets, we went back to the boat. Andrin and I did a radio check with the hand-held VHF radio as Papi installed a new one on board a couple of weeks ago. It worked really well and we even used the VHF to ask our parents for help when we didn´t to open the bin room in the marina. 


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