Trip to the boat


We arrived in Zürich airport and checked in five of our nine bags. Before boarding the plane to Stockholm we all had an ice-cream. In the plane Andrin played Minecraft, my parents read and sleeped while I watched a film that I have seen about the millionth time before.   

 After picking up our handed in luggage we quickly stopped by at Espresso house and got two coffees and two hot chocolates. Then we got on a train to Stockholm City and after about half an hour we changed train to Gothenburg, another three hours trip. The last stretch to our boat in Svineviken in Henån we did by taxi. We arrived at 23:30 and were all exhausted after the long trip (except for Andrin who was bouncing up and down like crazy, wanting to unpack our suitcases). We all had a glass of syrup and then went to bed. That was when our adventure started.

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