The preparation took a long time, more than one month and our flat was very, very messy during this time. We had to empty the whole flat and choose what we want to take and what we put in the basement. After this first selection, we still had to decide what we actually could take. Once everything was packed into our suitcases, we were finally ready to leave for our adventure. 

On the Monday before we left, we went to my grandparents. We packed all our luggage into our car, it hardly fit. At the end we managed, but Andrin and I had to share one seat and the suitcases were nearly falling onto us. 

At a red traffic light there was a police car in front of us and one policeman got out. We got worried as we thought he is coming to tell us that the car is too full, but instead he only wanted to fix the windscreen wipers of their car. 

After that we arrived at my grandparents house, we ate freshly made bread, lam and a bowl of salad, it was very delicious. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream.  Andrin and I both got twenty francs each for the trip. On the next day we got up at about 07:30. We had a big breakfast and then we drove (with two cars this time) to Rotkreuz, there we said bye bye to my grandparents and we left to Zürich airport. 

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    Regula Keller (Sunday, 21 July 2019 19:43)

    Das hast du ganz toll beschrieben!

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    Torbjörn (Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:36)

    Vilken röra!�